We just returned from Vietnam - and are delighted to say that the company, that produces the bamboo bases for Punch'n'Cuddle, has finally managed to create flawless samples. It has been proven very good to currently being based in Bangkok (and therefore in such close proximity to Vietnam), as we were able to pop over there regularly in the past two months.
Our regular visits were not only speeding up the (so far ridiculously slow) process tremendously, but also led to a way clearer communication and a much better working commitment. Et voila - suddenly it was all very easy!
Punch'n'Cuddle got »legs« at last

Each of the wooden crates that you can see in the picture above are containing one bamboo base for a Punch'n'Cuddle. They will eventually have to be re-packed and united with Punch'n'Cuddle's top part in our warehouse in Europe - but good to know they will be safely packed on their long journey from Vietnam to Europe.