We intended to publish this a while ago, but got sidetracked by the million of other tasks that had to be taken care of in these currently rather frantic times - now, that we are just about to launch our online shop. But we finally want to share some impressions from the show that we participated in during the Vienna Design Week last month.

Punch'n'Cuddle was well perceived and in constant demand

kidsroomZOOM had invited us to exhibit Punch'n'Cuddle in a 200 square meter apartment in the centre of Vienna, that they inhabited for the time of the design week. The show was a snapshot of contemporary design for children - uniting art, product presentation, events and workshops in a fun and hands-on way. 

Kids could design their own Punch'n'Cuddle version of desire with a show catalogue functioning like a coloring book

The presentation was done in an easily identifiable context of a domestic living space - very far from a white gallery with »please don't touch« signs. A fun yet stylish ground for playful anarchy, with lots of different furniture and toys to be tested. Please see more pictures in our gallery.

A video of the space before the doors opened for visitors